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Kyle Kit


  • Image of Kyle Kit

Teaching yourself to be a master is not an easy road to travel. Create your own Master Kyle using our resin kit. Our parts are perfectly scaled for 1:12 customs. 1:12 scale parts all sold separately and made when ordered. Please allow to 2 weeks for parts to be made then shipped.

Image of Shadow  Helmet
Shadow Helmet
Image of Samurai Kit
Samurai Kit
Image of Spear
Image of Scavenger Kit
Scavenger Kit
Image of Female Knight Armor
Female Knight Armor
Image of Jason
Sold out
Image of Evil Master
Evil Master
Image of Rebuilt Chosen One
Rebuilt Chosen One
Image of Alien hands and feet
Alien hands and feet
Image of Forest Master
Forest Master
Image of Flexible replacement hands
Flexible replacement hands
Image of Heavy Cyclops
Heavy Cyclops
Image of Leather Head
Leather Head
Image of Squid Head #2
Squid Head #2
Image of Squid Head #3 by Centerpoint Customs
Squid Head #3 by Centerpoint Customs
Image of The Child
The Child
Image of Beardo
Image of Container Selection
Container Selection
Image of Sky Child
Sold out
Sky Child
Image of Smiley
Image of Lord of Hunger
Lord of Hunger
Image of Horned Master in Helmet by @ptolecustoms
Horned Master in Helmet by @ptolecustoms
Image of Dark Lord
Dark Lord
Image of Equipment Container
Equipment Container
Image of Ammo Cube
Ammo Cube
Image of Mid Age Master
Mid Age Master
Image of Horse Head
Horse Head
Image of Kool Alien
Kool Alien
Image of Tentacle Master
Tentacle Master
Image of Older Evil Horns by Centerpoint Customs.
Older Evil Horns by Centerpoint Customs.
Image of Tentacool by Centerpoint Customs
Tentacool by Centerpoint Customs
Image of Spider Alien
Spider Alien
Image of Dino Head Alien
Dino Head Alien
Image of Outlander Survival Kit
Outlander Survival Kit
Image of Alien with Horns by Corey Fryia
Alien with Horns by Corey Fryia
Image of Long Horned Males
Long Horned Males
Image of Long Horned Female by Scottacus Anthony
Long Horned Female by Scottacus Anthony
Image of Ancient Sith Lord
Ancient Sith Lord
Image of Dark, Wise One
Dark, Wise One
Image of Acolyte Kit
Acolyte Kit
Image of Unleashed Apprentice
Unleashed Apprentice
Image of Raxus Unleashed
Raxus Unleashed
Image of Unleashed Pilot Kit
Unleashed Pilot Kit
Image of Unleashed Armored Pilot
Unleashed Armored Pilot
Image of Unleashed General Kit
Unleashed General Kit
Image of Sentinel Kit
Sentinel Kit
Image of Dreaded Knight
Dreaded Knight
Image of Dreaded Grey Knight
Dreaded Grey Knight
Image of Shawn
Image of Young Green Master
Young Green Master
Image of Angry Master
Angry Master
Image of Fallen One
Fallen One
Image of Young Apprentice
Young Apprentice
Image of Young Slave Boy
Young Slave Boy
Image of Young Racer
Young Racer
Image of Chosen Youngling
Chosen Youngling
Image of The Chosen One Kit
The Chosen One Kit
Image of Wise Master Knight Kit
Wise Master Knight Kit
Image of Cone Head Kit
Cone Head Kit
Image of Blue Master
Blue Master
Image of Hooded Apprentice
Hooded Apprentice
Image of Dark Senator
Sold out
Dark Senator
Image of Female Dark Assistant
Female Dark Assistant
Image of Blob Warrior Kit
Blob Warrior Kit
Image of Dark Assassin Kit
Dark Assassin Kit
Image of Animated Wise Master
Animated Wise Master
Image of Animated Chosen One
Animated Chosen One
Image of Snipps
Image of Evil Horns Kit
Evil Horns Kit
Image of Horned Brute Kit
Horned Brute Kit
Image of Outlander by Atom Howler
Outlander by Atom Howler
Image of Farmboy
Image of Farm Boy Battle Pack
Farm Boy Battle Pack
Image of Wet Look
Wet Look
Image of Hero Pilot
Hero Pilot
Image of Old Hermit
Old Hermit
Image of Swamp Training Kit
Swamp Training Kit
Image of Little Green Master
Little Green Master
Image of Oldest Master
Oldest Master
Image of Concentrating Master
Concentrating Master
Image of Dark One
Dark One
Image of Island Dweller #1 by Old Boy Customs
Sold out
Island Dweller #1 by Old Boy Customs
Image of Island Dweller Kit #2
Island Dweller Kit #2
Image of Projected Hero by Atom Howler
Projected Hero by Atom Howler
Image of Flame Effects
Flame Effects
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