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Outer Rim Traders is a full-service custom Star Wars 1:12 figure and diorama part supplier. Whether you’re looking for a head cast of your favourite obscure cantina alien character or looking to give your Hoth diorama a more lived in feel, Outer Rim Traders has what you’re looking for.

All of our casts are crafted to the highest possible standards, making sure that every single piece is scaled correctly to allow you to make the best custom possible. We use only the best resins, including flexible and clear Resins to give you unique qualities no one else in the market is offering.

Outer Rim Traders is owned and operated by L.E. Spry, a custom figure artist and diorama builder with over two decades worth of experience. Thanks in part to his notoriety in the customising community, Spry served as an expert customising panelist at the Custom Action Figure Panel and Diorama Workshop panel at Star Wars Celebration VI in 2012. Outer Rim Traders is headquartered in North Carolina where L.E. and his faithful companion Chewie ( a German Shepard mix) spend most of their time burning the midnight oil to serve the 1:12 Star Wars customising community.

At just over one year old this started out a a small-time hobby, which has now grown ' taking over my garage'. We work with only the best at their game - sculptors, printers, soft goods makers and painters from around the globe to bring you the best products to make your Star Wars 1:12th collection truly a work of art.